Study Abroad in Hamburg, Germany | Study in GermanyA study abroad in Hamburg places you smack dab in the middle of one of Germany’s vibrant cultural centers – combining rich history with its modern urban environment. Hamburg may offer diverse coursework with its iconic architectural spires acting as a backdrop to your study experience. Not to mention, studying abroad in Germany allows you to take college courses in the heart of the European continent: talk about travel opportunities! Whether you’re looking for music, architecture, or just a beautiful place to study, Hamburg may be a welcome retreat for the budding academic!

Why Consider a Study Abroad in Hamburg, Germany?

A study abroad in Hamburg may be an academic playground for a number of concentrations: whether you’re course load focuses on history, music, political science, fine arts, business, communications, or STEM fields. Since Hamburg is one of the largest transportation centers in Europe, you may have the chance to not only mingle with native Hamburgers (yes, Hamburgers!), but with a variety of other international students from the European continent and beyond.

HOT TIP! While in Hamburg, don’t forget to try a “franzbrӧtchen.” This decadent pastry is like a flattened croissant filled with sweet things like cinnamon, sugar, and raisins, or it may be topped with streusel.

Music to Your Ears

Being the birthplace of esteemed composer Johannes Brahms, it’s no wonder that Hamburg is bursting with musical opportunities. Between the Hamburg State Opera, the Hamburg Philharmonic, and a wide array of Broadway musicals, there’s a plethora of performances to see and hear in the city. Opera not your style? No worries! Hamburg is also famous for its artists and its own brand of alternative music – Hamburger Schule.

You Are What You Eat

Foreign food may be a little daunting, but Hamburg delicacies range from some familiar plates to adventurous eats. Probably the most familiar to you would be the frikadelle. Or, as Americans call it, the hamburger! If you’re looking to branch out your culinary tree, you might try a plate of the regional delicacy, aalsuppe – better known as eel soup. Yum!

Urban Greenery

Hamburg hosts its own share of botanical gardens, nestled among the bustling city. Voted the “Greenest City in Europe,” by the EU Commission in 2010, Hamburg boasts green spaces like the Alter Botanischer Garten Hamburg and the Planten un Blomen within the city limits. Feel free to move your study sessions out to one of the city’s many outdoor public parks for some fresh air and gorgeous views of the cityscape.

The Center of it All

Hamburg sits smack dab in the middle of Europe, making it a prime hub for transportation. The city is actually home to the second largest port in Europe. This may make traveling incredibly easy for students – whether for a long weekend or a short day trip. Or, check out some of the city’s many festivals and events to get an international melting-pot experience closer to your campus.

Find a Study Abroad in Hamburg, Germany Program

With so many choices in the sponsored listings, odds are you may find a study abroad in Hamburg program that is a perfect fit for your specific academic needs. Hamburg blends strong academic programs with its own unique European experience — giving you unforgettable memories you may talk about for years to come!

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