Berlin Study Abroad Programs | Study Abroad in BerlinWhether you’re a history buff, a lover of the arts, an urban-dweller, a nature-lover, or a person simply looking for a wonderful adventure, Berlin study abroad programs might be perfect for you. Why? Because Berlin’s multi-dimensional personality appeals to many types of people. Its history and culture are incredibly dynamic, and its modern-day expression provides a variety of opportunities to have an invigorating and profoundly impactful experience.

To learn more about Berlin study abroad programs and what it might look like to live and study in this vibrant city, read on.

Why Consider Study Abroad Programs in Berlin? 

Quite simply, Berlin is a fascinating city that might provide a perfect setting for studying abroad. Like many places throughout the world, Berlin has a richly-textured past. What easily comes to mind, perhaps, is Berlin’s role in two world wars, the Berlin Wall, or the city’s history of battles, occupation zones, and revolution. However, Berlin has another history, one which includes the German Expressionist movement, a devotion to architecture (Gothic, Art Nouveau, and Modern, to name a few), and the roaring twenties. Overtime, Berlin’s residents have helped the city’s spirit of creativity, experimentation, and celebration flourish and shape Berlin's collective personality.  

One particularly prevalent component of Berlin’s culture is that it seems to embrace opposites: the city is at once reserved and celebratory, historic and modern, traditional and innovative. It is quaint and expansive, charming and provocative. Berlin seems to celebrate these many dimensions and present an incredibly dynamic and invigorating environment for locals and visitors alike. Berlin might prove to be a wonderfully intriguing place to study abroad.

While you’re studying abroad in Berlin, you may find ample opportunities to explore the city’s unique character. Historical landmarks commemorate the city’s past, and boroughs and neighborhoods proudly boast remnants of years gone by. Numerous fairs and festivals celebrate Berlin’s many traditions, and the city’s public squares, parks, and extensive bike, pedestrian, and public transportation networks invite people to socialize, relax, and explore. As you traverse Berlin, you might pause at beer gardens, eat at trendy restaurants, scout the best currywurst stands, or sit in coffee shops to enjoy Berlin’s culture and social atmosphere. You might also enjoy Berlin’s nightlife, art scene, and network of museums. Best of all, you may be able to do all of this while earning academic credit, developing your German-language skills, and enhancing your resume with an international experience. Given these benefits, why not study abroad in Berlin?