If you are looking for a potentially culturally enriching undergraduate experience, a Music Study Abroad in France is worth considering. France is well known for its museums, fashion and style, art, architecture and literature. It is also a country with a diverse musical history that ranges from the golden age to contemporary trends, including pop, rock, classical, and operas.[i]

Why Consider a Music Study Abroad in France Undergraduate Program?

Whether you are hoping to immerse yourself in the French language, visit historical monuments such as the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower or one of the many castles on your days off, studying music abroad in France may be one of your more memorable undergraduate experiences. As you work to earn valuable academic credit, you get to practice French in an authentic setting, like at a café, before you rush off to music class! Choose from a variety of Music Study Abroad programs in popular cities in France such as Paris or Aix-en-Provence.

FUN FACT: Want to say “music” in French? Say ‘la musique’.

Source: [i] en.wikipedia.org/wiki/France