Study Abroad in Dijon | Dijon France Study Abroad ProgramsStudying abroad in Dijon could be a great way to combine earning valuable degree credits while simultaneously immersing yourself in a unique part of the French culture. You could split your time between formal education in your concentration of choice with exploring the city center, historical sights, and regional cuisine in your new temporary home. Dijon is no longer just a fancy condiment – it could be a memorable academic experience! Interested? Keep reading to learn more about Study Abroad in Dijon programs.

Study Abroad in Dijon: Your Studies

Studying in France could present you with unique opportunities to enrich the foundations of the degree you’re pursuing in your home country. Language students might have the opportunity to not only develop their skills in the classroom, but put their French skills to the test during outings in Dijon. Those pursuing history and architecture degrees might also find this program interesting because the city displays its history in its buildings as part of the city center.

Like any semester during the school year, electives could add some spice to your academic course load. Many electives feature aspects of French culture at the forefront: you could learn about the local forms of cooking, history, theatre, art, music, literature, and economy.

If you’re unfamiliar with the French language – or might need to brush up your skills – you could also take courses during your program. Who knows what you’ll find hidden in the city when you could actually read the shop and street signs!

Dijon: More Than Mustard

Set in eastern France, Dijon is a city that displays its history proudly. Architectural styles from the Capetian, Gothic, and Renaissance eras are still visible today, and mark many of the buildings. Many of these historical buildings are actually still inhabited by residents of Dijon – talk about living history!

Though it isn’t just about the condiment, it’s important to note that the mustard that shares the city’s name was invented there in 1856. The eastern French city of Dijon does encompass more than its mustardy claim to fame:  much of its culture is fueled by gastronomy – which is just a fancy way of saying they like to eat! Each year, it holds a Gastronomic Faire in the autumn to celebrate its culinary delights.

It’s hard to talk about the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (Burgundy) region, where Dijon is located, without talking about its wine and liquor. The region is prime vineyard real-estate, and 8 of the world’s 10 highly rated wines call this place home.  Créme de cassis is also produced in this region – a black currant liqueur used in Kirs, a white wine cocktail. Combining the two regions products could be delicious choice!

Outside the Classroom

Studying abroad isn’t entirely about…well, studying. It’s also about becoming involved with your host country. If you’re curious what to do for your first break, why not check out these sights:

  • The Owl of Dijon is a tiny, but iconic, piece of Dijon’s Notre Dame de Dijon. The small sculpture is positioned on the outside of the church. Locals believe that if you rub the owl with your left hand it could grant a wish. What harm is there in trying?
  • The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dijon is housed inside the Palace of the Dukes and Estates of Burgundy, combining elegant art with opulent architecture. Exhibits display classic work dating back from Roman times to the present. The Ducal Palace itself displays one of the few remaining examples of Capetian period architecture. Consider this visit a two-for-one deal!

Seen everything there is to see in Dijon? Lucky for you, Dijon sits in the center of a vast train infrastructure that makes it easy to escape to Marseille, Lyon, Paris, and many other cities at a moment’s notice. Take a weekend trip, or maybe even a mini-vacation during breaks in your schedule!

Find a Study Abroad Program in Dijon, France

Studying abroad in Dijon could be a great way to not only expand your academic pursuits but your cultural ones as well. If you’re ready to take the next step in your Study Abroad in Dijon search, browse the list of links below for a perfect program. Once you find one that seems interesting (there might be a few!), click through the link to request more information. When you’re ready to apply (congrats!), fill out the application on the program’s website. There could be a perfect study abroad program in Dijon, France, waiting for you below!

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