France has a reputation as the gastronomy capital of the world, so if you love to cook, then going to one of the many culinary schools in France may provide the foundation to pursue a career as a chef or simply enhance your skills for a new hobby. It may be possible to find a program to provide you with skills that you might use to jumpstart a career as a chef or baker, but studying culinary arts in France does not just have to be for aspiring chefs. Those who wish to improve their cooking and/or baking skills may also have the chance to spend a few weeks learning from some world renowned chefs while also taking advantage of all that Paris and the rest of France has to offer.

Culinary Schools in France

There are a range of culinary schools in France and particularly Paris that cater to a variety of skill levels and different types of cuisine. It may be possible to find an intensive culinary program aimed at those pursuing a dream to cook in the best kitchens[i]. In this type of program, you may take courses in new cooking technologies, business administration and management, information technology and computer skills and other skills beyond just culinary arts that you might need if you work as a chef. It may also include courses on cooking skills as well as field trips to French restaurants and an internship in a restaurant[ii].

It may be highly competitive to get into these programs, but it may be possible to find programs lasting from a few weeks over the summer to a semester-long program that may be aimed at providing high school or college students a chance to learn the art of French cooking while also taking French language courses[iii].

Pastry School in France

It is not just traditional French cooking that you may be able to learn in France; it may be possible to attend a pastry school in France to enhance your skills as a baker. You might attend an intensive seven weeks program taught in English for those with little to no experience in pastry arts. This may also include two months where you might have the chance to work as an intern in a bakery, restaurant or pastry shop[iv].

It may also be possible to study other areas associated with the culinary arts, such as wine. There might be programs that take you around the famous French wine country where you could explore the different types of wines while also experiencing the beautiful landscape and culture. In this type of program, you may also visit a variety of vineyards and discuss the production process[v].

French Culinary Schools in Paris

When you study the culinary arts, it may be possible to spend some time exploring the numerous cultural and historical sites around France. You may have some time to explore the famous sites of Paris, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, or you may decide to head to the countryside. It may be possible to spend some time in Normandy and visit the D-Day beaches or head to Mont St-Michel. You might choose to go skiing at Vallee Blanche during the winter or drive the coast in the summer around the Three Corniches in Nice. As someone interested in food, you may enjoy dining at French bistros and world-class restaurants[vi].

With such variety in culinary schools in France, it may be possible to find a program that matches your skill level and goals, whether you wish to pursue a career in the culinary arts or simply impress your friends and family when it's your turn to cook. It may be possible to find the right program for you by searching our database, and we have other resources to help you as well.