Study Art History Abroad in France, it may be the undergraduate experience of a lifetime; France has some of the world’s most famous museums that include the Louvre in Paris. This alone stands as the most visited art museum in the world[i]. While you earn valuable academic credit, immerse yourself in the language and culture that you may have read about in your art history textbooks.

Why Consider a Study Art History Abroad in France Program?

For art history undergraduate students, choosing a Study Abroad in France may be a fantastic way to explore in person, some of the major paintings, sculptures and styles that you may be studying in class. See ‘Le penseur’ by August Rodin, works by Cezanne and Toulouse Lautrec in their natural habitat. While some of the major museums are located in Paris, all of the large cities also have a Museum of Fine Arts and some of the finest collections are housed in Lyon, Lille, Rouen, Dijon, Rennes and Grenoble. [ii] Studying Art History in France sounds like the perfect way to add a touch of adventure and travel to your education; browse the sponsored listings to find a program that appeals to you and a time that you can commit to go. Whether you go in summer, spring or a full year, choose from cities in France such as Aix-en-Provence, Paris, or Bordeaux amongst others.

FUN FACT: To say “art history” in French you could say ‘histoire de l’art’.

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