Spring Study Abroad in England ProgramsIf you like splitting your time between the busy city life and the countryside, why not consider a spring semester abroad in England? England is a country that borders Scotland and Wales and is considered a country that is part of the United Kingdom (UK). England is the origin of the English language and home to ancient cultures that ultimately shaped the world we live in today. Studying abroad in such an influential place such as England is likely to enhance your educational and personal experiences. Having the potential to earn credits towards a degree while being a part of a rich cultural experience overseas might be the experience you’ve been waiting for. Here are some other experiential facets you may appreciate on your spring study abroad in England.

  1. England is a cultural melting pot. Every year England receives the largest amount on international students looking to pursue a degree than any other country in the world. In terms of student life and activities this factor could create truly a unique learning environment.
  2. English is the primary language in England. If you are someone pursing a degree in English, Journalism or you are interested in working towards a mastery the English language, spring in England would be a perfect choice!
  3. If you are a North American or from any part of the northern hemisphere, spring in England might be a little easier than what you’re used to. It is described as chilly but it’s rare to be stuck in extreme weather conditions.[i]

Did you know? In every April, there is a massive pillow fight scheduled in Trafalgar Square!

Why Choose a Spring Study Abroad in England Program?

If studying abroad in England is on your wish list it might be because you are looking for a destination that is unlike home but you still desire to speak English primarily. Or perhaps you are looking to strengthen your conversational and written English skills in a country that may or may not speak your native tongue. No matter the reason, spring semester study abroad programs in England have strong academic options for you to choose from.

Financial Hub of Europe

If you didn’t already know, London is considered the financial hub of Europe. Those who are studying to earn a degree in finance, accounting or any other math degree might greatly benefit from learning about international finance during a spring study abroad in England.

Art and Culture

Because of England’s rich history, the city of London and beyond is teeming with museums, art galleries and other exhibits. There you might find John Everett Millais’ masterpiece Ophelia on display at Tate Britain[ii] or the elusive Banksy’s street art around Londontown. Whether you are a student of the fine arts or simply an appreciator, a semester abroad in England could definitely be a colorful one.

Down on the Farm

Most people think of the city of London when they think of England, but in fact there is quite a bit of farm land that is so far out you may even forget you’re in the same country as London! Farm country such as Nottinghamshire have sites where you can enjoy their gardens, take a nature walk and sample farmer’s organic plants or dairy. Those who are seeking a degree in science might greatly appreciate a spring semester in the English countryside.

An Opportunity to Learn English

The primary language spoken in England is English, so those who have learned the basics of English but seek to be exposed to native speakers, studying abroad in England might be a perfect opportunity. Complex conversational techniques not taught in a classroom might help you towards a mastery of the language. Native English speakers might see a benefit in a spring study abroad in England as well, especially a student pursuing a degree in English or journalism.

Find the Perfect Program to Study Abroad in England, Spring Semester.

Selecting a spring study abroad in England is allowing yourself the opportunity to experience a memorable educational and personal experience. To look for specific spring semester programs in England, click on the “select a specialty” menu. Once selected you will find a list of programs that are offered in the spring semester. Enjoy your search!

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