If studying abroad in England interests you, a Summer Study Abroad in London offers you the opportunity to have your ‘home base’ in a leading global city for finance, fashion, art, history and culture.  If you presently live in an English speaking country, studying in London might feel familiar but foreign at the same time; different protocol and pronunciation amongst the things to discover. According to one recent report, the most popular country for study abroad is the United Kingdom[i], and with all that London has going for it, this is easy to understand.

Why Consider a Summer Study Abroad in London?

With four heritage sites, numerous museums and famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, choosing a Summer Study Abroad in London is more than likely to provide plenty to discover. Plus, while London is reputed as a rainy city, summers are generally warm.

You aren’t a tourist, but…

Studying abroad means calling your host city home, and you may resist going to so-called tourist attractions. That being admitted if you have never seen the Tower of London, The London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey or Buckingham Palace, and you do have summer term you can always pace yourself and see some famous sites.

Did you know? Saying ‘good-bye’ in London? Choose from “cheerio”, “see ya” or “ta ta” amongst others

The London Dungeon

Another one of those tourist attractions, but a pretty neat way to take a journey through London’s past, especially with a group of friends. See different themed shows about the infamous Jack the Ripper and infamous barber of Fleet Street, Sweeney Todd.


There is no singular architectural style in London. Form the futuristic 30 St Mary Axe, widely known as The Gherkin[ii] in the financial district to 17th century buildings like the Bank of England, plenty to take in.

Flora Fauna and Foxes

While a bustling metropolis, London is also more than 40% green space and open water (London is divided into North and South by the River Thames). It may sound odd, but there are reportedly 10,000 foxes inhabiting London, so prepare for a spotting.[iii]

Getting around

The city of the red double-decker bus is also popular for cycling, and the London Underground. Called ‘the Tube’, it is the oldest subway in the world. Travel through London itself or take a train to neighboring towns. Take the Channel Tunnel (it goes under the English Channel) to get to France. Walking is also a great way to see Wibledon Common, St. Jame’s Park and just have that sense of exploration.

Art, History Culture

Get to The British Museum, founded in 1753 to see the Rosetta Stone, the Tate Modern to see some Cézanne, Bonnard, Matisse, Picasso, Rothko, Dalí, Pollock, Warhol and Bourgeois. Get to the Natural History Museum if only just to see the mammals gallery. Then there is the National Gallery – think Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and more. Basically there no shorter of cultural experiences in London. 

Pubs and Pints

Considered a quintessential English experience, sipping a pint of ale in a London pub, or public house, may be a history lesson in itself. No doubt your new local friends will fill you in on that and local fare (best place for fish and chips etc.)

If you study…

If you study business, finance, international affairs, technology or administration, London is a major player, and its largest industry is finance. Visit the London Stock Exchange.

If you study literature or film, you will be walking the streets of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, perhaps passing some of the same spots as Shakespeare, Dickens, and Arthur Conan Doyle. London has been the setting for movies such as Oliver Twist, Notting Hill, and The King’s Speech. Notable actors such as Helen Mirren, Alfred Hitchcock, Charlie Chaplin, Daniel Day Lewis…

If you study fashion, London is ranked one of the top fashion capitals[iv]

Keep in mind that you will want to[v]:

  • Confirm that your course credits earned abroad will transfer back to your home College or university
  • Verify that your grades will transfer

Find a Summer Study Abroad in London Program

Whether you prefer to select a specialty from the menu bar or just look over the listings to see what aligns with your goals, studying abroad in London over summer break might earn you 9 credits. Bear in mind that programs vary in terms of accommodations and fees, or types of courses offered. This typically depends on which campus you are studying at, so open a few listings in your browser to understand what is involved. Sometimes there is an itinerary of set field-trips balanced with time off and classroom learning. Likely each program offers their own balance.

No matter your major, immersing yourself in London culture may help you grow  both academically and personally in ways that you can't do by staying home. Meet new people, engage in new ideas, new ways of living, new classes, and a new way of viewing the world. Continued success as you Summer Study Abroad in London England!


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