Why Consider a Summer Study Abroad Program in Egypt?

Are you fascinated by the tales and artifacts of ancient Egypt? Or are you interested in strengthening your fluency in Arabic through an immersive language program? Maybe you’re passionate about delving into Middle Eastern and North African culture in the modern era. Whatever your interests, spending summer in a study abroad program in Egypt may be a great choice for you. Egypt’s long and fascinating history incorporates many artistic, cultural, technological and political feats, making it a great location to learn about history, language, culture, the arts, and attend a summer study abroad program in Egypt.

Whether you’re fascinated by Egyptian mythology or history, interested in archaeology, or if you want to learn and practice your Arabic, Egypt has plenty to teach the interested student. With the famous pyramids of Giza just a stone’s throw from Cairo, you may have the opportunity to explore both Egypt’s fascinating ancient history and archaeological treasures, as well as experiencing its vibrant modern culture.

Egypt’s long and storied history means that it’s a perfect destination for anyone interested in archaeology, anthropology, architecture, the arts, and more. In addition to the famous ruins of Ancient Egypt including the pyramids and the Sphynx, you can find medieval architectural wonders like Al Muizz Street, one of the oldest streets in Cairo. Egypt is also influential in the areas of arts and culture. Their accomplishments in painting and sculpting stretch back to Pharaonic Egypt, which spanned the years 4500 BCE to CE 641. They extend to today in works of contemporaries such as graffiti artist Alaa Awad, who works in a Neo-Pharoanic style.

Egyptian literature is also historically significant, with major accomplishments in the areas of the modern novel in Arabic, as well as vernacular poetry. All of this together means that whether you’re interested in history and culture, anthropology, the arts, literature, intensive Arabic, archeology, and more, a summer in Egypt may be a great fit for you.

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