Summer Study Abroad in Denmark | Summer Semester in DenmarkDenmark is a quaint country in north-central Europe. Its cobblestone streets, peaceful canals, and unique architecture make it a fun and interesting place to visit. Students spending a summer in Denmark might enjoy its stunning castles (many complete with drawbridges!), smart museums, and beloved attractions like Tivoli Gardens and Frederiksborg Castle. They may also love and frequent Denmark’s numerous natural parks, historical districts, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Best of all, they may do so while studying abroad and earning academic credit.

Why Consider Summer Study Abroad in Denmark Programs

Here are some additional fun things you might try while studying abroad in Denmark:

  • Caving (through mine networks and natural caves open to the public)
  • Fossil hunting
  • GPS treasure and scavenger hunts
  • Viking reenactments and boat tours

For students who don’t want to spend an entire semester or year away from their home university, summer programs provide a short but long-enough-to-be-more-than-a-vacation journey to another part of the world. For many students, summer study abroad programs offer a great way to refresh and renew even as they continue their studies.

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Fun Fact: The Danish enjoy and cultivate “hygge” or the feeling of warmth, comfort, and coziness with life and the people around them. It’s a sentiment about enjoying the good life with the people you love. 

  • Aarhus School of Business, The

  • Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

  • University of California - Davis