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Top Five Reasons to Study Abroad in Denmark

  1. With one of the lowest rates of crime in the world, is a safe (and fun!) place to study abroad in Denmark.
  2. Enjoy listening to the world famous Royal Danish Orchestra, watching the Danish national football team or taking pictures of Jeppe Hein’s interactive works of art as you study abroad in Denmark.
  3. Indulge in fun food like “Sun Over God’s Home”, “Vet’s Late Night Bite” and “WienerbrØd”.
  4. Studying abroad in Denmark will be a culturally enriching and vibrant experience as art, design, music and cinema are all beloved treasures in Denmark.
  5. Denmark is one of the most socially progressive countries in the world. If you’re curious about alternative ways to create a successful society, Denmark will be a fascinating country for you to study abroad.

Studying Abroad in Denmark

Denmark is located in Northern Europe and is one of the region’s Scandinavian countries. It is neighbors with Sweden, Germany and Norway and shares borders with both the Baltic and North Seas. There are many islands in proximity to Denmark and the country, together with Greenland and the Faroe Islands, form the Kingdom of Denmark.

Study abroad in Denmark will place you among good company. There are approximately 230,000 students in Denmark and more than 18,000 of them hail from foreign countries. These students are offered a multitude of study abroad options and enjoy classes and programs in subjects like technology, business, healthcare, education, design, architecture and numerous others. Universities in Denmark offer students unique opportunities to combine theoretical study with hand’s-on practicum and many of the programs in Denmark focus intently on theoretical studies, academic research and skills acquisition.

Study abroad programs in Denmark will allow you to familiarize yourself with Danish, a Germanic language spoken throughout the country. You may also pick up on some Faroese and Greenlandic if you decide to visit Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Studying and practicing Danish will allow you to connect with your new community and also add a desirable skill to your resume. If Danish doesn’t come easily to you, don’t worry—there are numerous organizations in Denmark that offer free language class to students and the majority of the Danish population also speaks English. Denmark will allow you to press your linguistic limits and enjoy the comfort of hearing a familiar language.

If you decide to study in Denmark you’ll be living in the European Union but forgoing the Euro currency. The Krone is the official currency of Denmark and Kroner can be used to pay for anything from transportation to food to nights on the town. If you attend a Denmark study abroad program it’s a good idea to keep both Kroner and Euros on hand—Denmark’s quality ferry services can ship you to the land of the Euro in no time.

If you want to collect Kroner while you’re studying in Denmark, finding a part-time job or internship is a brilliant idea. Denmark has a strong and steady economy with an emphasis on free markets, globalization and labor security. The Danish enjoy a high quality of life and see their hard work paid off with security in career, income and benefits. Denmark is especially devoted to green energy and quality production of foods and goods. Bio and medical technology are others strong fields. Denmark, in fact, has the third-largest commercial drug-development pipeline in Europe and is one of the region’s largest exporters of medical technology. Finding a job or internship in these industries or others can be a great way to gain experience and enhance your adventure.

Life in Denmark

Denmark is a country steadfastly devoted to sustainability and security. The people of Denmark enjoy high social and financial security and the country is often times ranked as the world’s happiest. Its low levels of poverty, inequality and corruption lend a hand to the health, vibrancy and productivity of its people and its commitment to clean technology, life sciences and fiscal responsibility lend a hand to the strength of the nation. If you commit to studying abroad in Denmark you’ll find yourself in an environment rich with forward-thinking people, thought-provoking policies and life-enhancing opportunities.

Denmark, in addition to being a somewhat serious and focused country, is a fun and inspiring hotspot. Residents and tourists alike enjoy laughter-filled places like the Tivoli Gardens and BonBon-Land and frequent fascinating destinations like Experimentarium and the Statens Museum for Kunst (Denmark’s National Gallery). They enjoy beautiful zoos and parks, educational and creative museums, and beautifully designed castles and buildings. There is no shortage of exhilarating, influential, and inspirational destinations in Denmark.

Denmark is also leading the world in green technology. In fact, approximately 20 percent of Denmark’s electricity needs are covered by wind power and one of the largest wind power companies in the world is located in Denmark. The government has also committed to ending its dependence on fossil fuels by 2050 and has partnered with a company in the United States to transform the energy source of cars. If green energy and technology are on your list of interests, Denmark is the perfect location for you.

Study abroad in Denmark also allows you to experience the day-to-day life of the Danish. Extensive transportation options, communities and organizations devoted to sharing the very best of the country, and a kind and considerate population all contribute to a safe, secure, and fun time as you explore the country, attend your classes, and take care of everyday responsibilities.

History and Culture of Denmark

The population of the region now known as Denmark has been growing, transitioning and transforming since prehistoric times. The area’s prehistoric stories combine with the nation’s modern history to form a country that is a delightful combination of delicious antiquity and comfortable modernism.

Numerous influences have shaped Denmark throughout time. Famous people, like author Hans Christian Anderson, philosopher SØren Kierkegaard, and comedy pianist Victor Borge hail from Denmark and contribute to its dynamic literature, philosophy, and music scenes; styles of architecture, from Romanesque to Baroque to Neoclassicism, eventually joined a highly popular form of Functionalism to give Denmark its signature and unique look; and highly popular folkekomedie (folk comedy) has united with more serious, well-respected, and educational film productions to make Denmark’s cinematic scene a beloved source of entertainment and information.

Overall, Denmark is a blissful combination of stunning intelligence, whimsical fun and thoughtful composition; making it a wonderful destination to study abroad.

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