Summer Study Abroad Programs in Cuba | Summer in CubaAre you looking for an exciting opportunity this summer to learn about a new culture, practice your language skills, and explore a new place? If so, consider summer study abroad programs in Cuba. Summer study abroad programs in Cuba may fit well into your existing schedule without interfering with regular semester courses, all while enabling you to enjoy the Caribbean summer.

Why Consider Summer Study Abroad Programs in Cuba?

Cuba, conveniently situated between the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, has long been a destination for tourists from around the world, and opportunities to study there are increasingly available to students. If you want to spend your summer in a warm sub-tropical Caribbean climate, immersing yourself in a vibrant culture with complex history, Cuba may have a lot to offer you.

Spending the summer in Cuba may give you an opportunity to strengthen your Cuban Spanish skills, either through studying in Spanish or through social conversation. Cuba is also the home to nine UNESCO World Heritage sites, both historical and natural, a fact that reflects the wealth of learning opportunities present there. Cuba’s history and culture extends back prior to the arrival of Christopher Columbus, and intersects with both the Spanish and British Empires as well as the Americas as a whole. Today, Cuba is a melting pot of diverse cultures, culminating in a vibrant artistic, literary, musical and culinary tradition.

If this sounds like something you’re looking for, numerous options may be available. Before you go, make sure to follow up on any current travel restrictions, visa requirements, and other details with your chosen program.

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