study in china

When you study in China, you could enrich your academic studies while experiencing the unique rural and metropolitan beauty of the country. China is a vast nation with a rich culture and history, thriving economy and large population. This creates plenty of opportunities to learn both in and out of the classroom. You could gain a new, Chinese perspective on your studies. For instance, you could learn how business, education, or language studies are handled in the eastern country. Or develop a better understanding of Chinese culture and history. Then, when you’re not in the classroom, you could explore the vast country’s outdoor offerings, distinctive food, and historic sites.

What Could I Study in China?

Studying abroad in China doesn’t mean you have to take a break from your academic studies back home. Quite the contrary, you could continue to earn valuable credits while simultaneously gaining a new perspective on your field. Many courses are offered in English, helping make sure you don't miss a step.

It's important to note that China study abroad programs are offered throughout the year. Depending on your availability, you could choose to pursue longer programs in the fall or spring. Or, you could seek out shorter programs in the summer and winter semesters. Follow up with individual programs to learn more.

Some of the following concentrations might be especially interested in pursuing classes in China. Be aware that these are not the only options available and that courses may differ by program. Also, be sure to check with your academic advisor to learn if credits might be transferable.

Education Courses

Education concentration students might be interested in learning to teach English as a second language while studying in China. Many education programs cover different TESL methods and techniques through a combination of coursework and hands on learning. Not only could you develop your teaching knowledge by taking courses yourself, you could also have the chance to step inside your own classroom. You might teach English to Chinese students, immediately testing out new techniques in a real world setting.

Language Courses

It makes sense that living and studying in China might be a great opportunity to study Mandarin or Cantonese. Depending on where you choose to study in China, you could take intensive courses in either of the above-mentioned languages. Not only that, but the country could become your classroom. Stepping outside your door could be a great chance to test your Chinese knowledge. Go ahead and try to place your usual lunch order in Mandarin or Cantonese!

Business Courses

With many of the programs located in cultural and financial epicenters, it’s no wonder that business students might interested in taking courses in China. Business courses could illustrate how Chinese companies are structured and function. Or provide a unique perspective on global economics or business in the Asia. By studying in Beijing or Shanghai, students may even have the chance to visit industry leaders’ headquarters as part of their program.

Where to Study Abroad in China

China’s varied landscape offers students many different choices for where to study. However most students who study in China choose to pursue a program in the larger cities to take advantage of their many educational and social opportunities. For instance, Shanghai and Beijing are both popular choices.

Both cities could be a great places to glimpse different parts of Chinese life and academics. Due to their size and economy, Beijing and Shanghai attract many people from throughout China. You could find yourself at the epicenter of Chinese business, creative arts, and communications. Not to mention both offer unique sites, tours, and experiences for the student traveler to take part in.

Parents worried about student safety might also be glad to know that students are staying in larger cities. These places often have a more robust police presence that could help students should they encounter any trouble. In addition, many programs may require students to check-in with an advisor or resident assistant daily. This could help ensure student safety. For additional assistance, check to see where your home country’s embassy is located in your chosen city.

Exploring China

While your studies may take up the bulk of your time, your free time could still be spent exploring the vast Chinese country side. When you study in China, you could have the rare opportunity to experience new cooking styles, historical sites, and more.

The Shortlist

There might be some grand sites to see in China, but there are few things that stand out! Here is the short list of things you have to do or try when you study in China.

  • Students may be interested in seeing rare and endangered pandas when visiting China. Some visiting centers even allow people inside the enclosure to play with the black and white bears.
  • If you’re looking to see the typical postcard sight-seeing locations, you don’t want to miss the Terracotta Army, Forbidden City, and The Bund. Your program might even offer planned excursions to these areas. Follow up directly to see if these or other opportunities are available to you.
  • Beijing duck is a sweet and crunchy delicacy not to be missed. Despite its name, this entrée may be available throughout China. Grab a plate and a bowl of cucumber and scallion dipping sauce.

An Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor enthusiasts may be in for a treat! With the varied temperatures of China comes a multitude of all-weather activity. For you beach bums, you could visit Hainan Island and soak in the sun in relativestudy in china peace and quiet. Toss in the spectacular views of the exotic South China Sea and you're set!

Active outdoor thrill seekers have their share of choices too. You could have the opportunity to do some of the following activities.

  • Mountain bike 1,900 meters in the Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan.
  • Ski down powdery slopes in Hebei.
  • Scuba dive to see the ancient Lion City in Zhejiang.

Of course, Shanghai is a prime spot to practice your parkour! The urban area is a prime spot to flip, slide, and climb. Not to mention, you could access some beautiful hidden view of the cityscape. Visit the Shanghai Parkour Center to meet up with groups before heading out on a run.

A Storied Past

Other students come to study abroad in China to learn about its history. While that could take years, you could have the chance to see some highlights from China past. Whether you're a history student, or just a curious traveler, the elaborate history of China may impact your studies or alter your personal perspective of the country. Here's a very quick rundown of some highlights.

  • In terms of prehistoric history, China is home to the first recorded use of fire by homo erectus. It's also believed that stone tools were created and used for the first time during this era in Chinese history. Many examples of these are on display in the National Museum of China in Tiananmen Square.
  • During this same period, agriculture, political systems, and religions were rapidly developing and expanding in China. This era was also characterized by the development of a system of writing. Some of the earliest examples where inscribed on animal bones. These might be found in many museums throughout the country.
  • The famous Great Wall of China is one of the longest standing examples of Chinese history. The Wall was originally constructed to protect the country from invading Mongol forces. Now, adventurous travelers could have the chance to walk the Wall and take in some breathtaking views.

Time to Study in China!

When you study in China, you could possibly have you cake (bao) and eat it too. First, you could continue your usual studies like you would at home. At the same time, China offers plenty of adventures for the curious student. Whether you're interested in studying the rich traditions steeped in Chinese culture, the archaeological sites of the very beginning of human time, or the complex languages of China, this country could offer you with countless opportunities for learning and enrichment that aren't to be found at home.

To start your search for a study abroad in China program, browse the list of links on this page. Click a link to read more information about a program. While there, you could also request additional information. Or, refine your list of programs further by selecting your preferred city, term, and specialty from the menus on this page. There may be plenty of options to help find a perfect way to study in China for you.