Study Abroad in China Fall Semester programs situate you in a vast and diverse landscape that ranges from the Gobi Desert to the Himalaya mountains and the South China Seas. China actually boasts the world’s largest population and is second largest in terms of land area. Whether you are interested in studying Chinese in China or choosing another area of study, the opportunity to earn undergraduate college credit while getting to know the “cradle of civilization”[i] is worth considering.

Why Consider a Study Abroad in China Fall Semester Program?

If you are thinking about studying abroad in China, an Autumn program may mean avoiding the monsoon season, and having more time to take in the spectacular beauty and attractions in places such as Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai. But other than being able to leave your umbrella home (hopefully), a Study Abroad in China Fall Semester program places you in a rapidly developing and powerful nation.

FUN FACT: Before you go, brush up on Chinese etiquette. For instance, with respect to chopsticks, you should NOT place them upright in your bowl as this symbolizes death.[ii]

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Apart from a unique and ancient culture, China has made numerous contributions to basic and applied scientific research. In fact, Chinese supercomputers are consistently ranking as the most powerful worldwide.[iii] As an undergraduate this may translate into a stimulating academic experience whether you are an Arts or STEM science student. If you do favor science though, it may be a great place to look into an internship.


Whether you choose to study environmental conservation in Chengdu or just visit, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is a non-profit research facility for giant pandas[iv] that is both educational and a great tourist attraction.

Getting Down to Business

Speaking of internships, China is a major trading power, with a fast-growing economy; Five of the world’s ten largest public companies were reported to be Chinese in 2014.[v] Shanghai as a global financial center may be a fantastic backdrop for studying business or finance or combining study and travel with an international internship.

Learning Chinese in China

If you do plan to study in China, there may be a few language barriers to overcome. Report has it that there are about 293 living languages in China, with Mandarin playing a large role.[vi] As you can imagine, Chinese language studies, whether as an elective to help you assimilate into your setting or as a language immersion program may be an enriching way to experience your host country. Greeting your study group? Say “nimen hao” which is pronounces ‘knee-men how’.(web)[vii]

The Great Wall of China

An iconic symbol, the Great Wall of China is the longest wall in the world and a seriously awe-inspiring feat of ancient architecture. Meant to defend against invasions, the wall spans around 3,100 miles. Note to self: bring hiking boots.

Ancient Architecture

If your home base is in Xi’an, you may want to plan an excursion to see the Terracotta Army, a collection of hundreds of detailed life-size statues that depict the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China. The sculptures date back to the late 3rd century BCE but were uncovered in 1974.  

Zen and the Art

China is also known for calligraphy, and the Chinese martial art of Tai Chi. Some Study Abroad in China Fall Semester programs offer you the opportunity to learn arts that are intrinsic to the Chinese culture, and may be quite rewarding. If you can, visit the tallest statue in the world – the Spring Temple Buddha in Henan China[viii]. Many programs do offer excursions or field trips to enhance your in-class studies, although whether you are studying religion in China or not, this is worth seeing to believe.

Find a Study Abroad in China Fall Semester Program

Finding a Study Abroad in China is easier since you know you want to go for Fall Semester. Choose a program by selecting a popular city such as Shanghai or Beijing, and/or browse by subject. Each of the sponsored listings has unique features. Check things like housing and scholarship descriptions by requesting more info.

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