When students first think of studying abroad in China, their points of reference are often limited, and with good reason - the culture is foreign and far away, the language is challenging. And, as much as anything else, China is huge: did you know it has 100 cities each with populations exceeding 1 million people?

The vibrant city of Dalian, while it doesn't receive the international pop-culture attention reserved for the megalopolis cities of expansive Beijing, trendy Shanghai or towering Hong Kong, is a city on the move. This is a city in which business is booming, and it may just be the most livable city in China. As a result, Dalian offers some very big and beneficial points for visiting students.

The more than 6,200,000 people living in Dalian are an inviting, optimistic population - their overwhelming tendency is to be open to visitors, eager to point out and talk up the recent triumphs of their city, be they in the realm of sport, culture or industry. Visiting students find themselves happy to take in the beautiful coastline and nearby beaches.