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If studying abroad in Brazil piques your interest, summer may be a great time to do so. Not only could you complete your quarters or semesters at your regular university, you may also head to Brazil for “summer school,” or, (in other words), a life-enhancing adventure that includes earning academic credit and boosting the good ol’ resume. Spending your summer in Brazil may therefore be both fun and responsible! If you want to study abroad next summer, Brazil might be the perfect location.  

What Will It Be Like to Study Abroad in Brazil?

Ultimately, what it will be like to study abroad in Brazil depends on your program, where you study, and what you choose to do with your time. However, we can give you a sense of what you might experience in your day-to-day life in Brazil.

First of all, the northern hemisphere’s summer is actually Brazil’s winter. However, most of the regions in Brazil are temperate to warm in their winter months. Some are even humid. Mountainous regions might experience some frost or even snowfall. Overall, visiting Brazil in its winter might be a perfect way to avoid Brazil’s intense summer heat and keep relatively cool.

Second, Brazil’s cities, which provide the backdrop for many summer study abroad programs, generally burst at the seams with activity. You’ll likely find streets filled with people, street fairs, and gatherings of friends. Public plazas and squares provide place for people to gather and share food, and around any given corner you might find live music or another form of entertainment. Many Brazilian streets are lined with diverse styles of architecture, distinct types of housing, and cozy eclectic restaurants.

Third, Brazil is well known as a country that embraces friendship, sharing food, and taking one’s time. If you’re open to being social, you may make a lot of friends in Brazil. You may even share many midafternoon or late-night meals with friends and their families. You might also find that some people and communities cease to rush and that schedules are a bit more relaxed and open. While you may not apply this particular component of the Brazilian lifestyle to attending your academic program, you might enjoy it as you explore and socialize outside of school.  

What Should I Eat and See While I’m Studying Abroad in Brazil?

During your summer abroad in Brazil, you may wish to take time to see some of the country’s most treasured sights. Consider seeing the famed statue of Christ the Redeemer, taking a tour of Favela, visiting Iguassu Falls, and spending at least a couple of days observing Brazilian beach culture. You might also enjoy going to samba bars and learning to dance the samba to live music.

As you’re exploring Brazil, be sure to enjoy some of its traditional cuisine. Churrasco, or meat grilled over an open flame, provides a popular anchor for Brazilian meals. So too do moqueca (a rich fish stew cooked in a clay pot), feijoada (a stew comprising black beans, sausages, and cuts of pork), and acarajé (fried balls of black eyed peas stuffed with shrimp). Tropical fruits, pamonha (a boiled cornhusk filled with a corn and milk paste), pão de queijo (a bread made with cheese), and pizza (yes, pizza! Sometimes it’s served with ketchup, mayonnaise, or mustard in Brazil) are also popular foods and dishes. These are just some of the many delicious foods you might try while studying in Brazil.    

What Are My Summer Study Abroad in Brazil Options?

Below you’ll find a list of programs with options to study in Brazil for a summer. Simply browse the list to find programs of interest and click “Learn More” to get more details and request additional information. For some programs, you might be able to read reviews and compare them to other similar programs. Once you find your favorite Summer Study Abroad in Brazil program, don’t hesitate to sign up. Your summer adventure in Brazil awaits!   

  • Earth Institute Center for Environmental Sustainability, Columbia University

  • Emory University

  • Georgia State University

  • University of California - Davis

  • University At Albany (S.U.N.Y.)