Do you want to enhance your high school career by studying abroad, immersing yourself in an influential culture, exploring a new place, and seeing the world from a new perspective? You might want to consider studying high school abroad in Switzerland with an exchange program. A unique and beautiful country in Western Europe, Switzerland’s welcoming culture and values have influenced Western culture in a lot of major ways.

Why Study Your High School Abroad in Switzerland with an Exchange Program?

Conveniently located near the center of Europe, Switzerland is well-placed for the motivated student to make the most of his or her study abroad opportunity to learn as much as possible about Europe and European culture. Home to many foreign residents as well as native Swiss citizens, Switzerland is a multilingual country that welcomes people of all backgrounds and walks of life. As such, traditional Swiss customs, mingle with those carried in by foreigners. Today, Switzerland is also the home of many well established museums, as well as reputed performing arts festivals. Switzerland also places a strong emphasis on conservation and environmentalism, making it a great choice for anyone interested in learning about nature and the environment, as well as the avid hiker, camper and backpacker. Whether you’re interested in learning about Switzerland’s contributions in modern history (the Geneva Conventions and The Red Cross both originated here), learning a new language, or something else, Switzerland is a great choice.

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