Are you interested in studying abroad in Sweden? If you’re in high school, it’s not too early to start looking at studying high school abroad in Sweden. Whether you’re interested in a semester, a full year, summer semester, or even a gap year program, study abroad programs in Sweden may offer you the rich cultural and academic experience you are looking for. Whether you’re interested in learning more about Scandinavian culture, the rich environment and biological diversity of the Arctic, or learning about the social and cultural values of modern Sweden, study abroad programs in Sweden have much to offer the motivated international student.

Why Consider High School Abroad in Sweden with an Exchange Program?

Study abroad programs in Sweden may offer a variety of opportunities to learn about language, history, culture, the environment, and more. Sweden’s rich cultural history dates back to the Viking age. As the home to the Nobel Prize, Sweden has also positioned itself at the center of recognized international academic and cultural achievements. Sweden also has a noted history of protecting freedom and equality, becoming the first country in the world with freedom of the press, and making Sweden an open and welcoming place for students of many backgrounds.

Sweden, like its other Scandinavian neighbors, has a rich environmental offering. Spanning all the way to the Arctic Circle, Sweden’s landscape boasts mountains, forests, and fjords, with rich biodiversity of plant and wildlife. Sweden was the first European country to establish a national park system, and has many nature and wildlife preserves, making it an ideal destination to learn about the environment, wildlife, and conservation.