We imagine you’re the kind of student who likes to jump right in. If we’re right, studying abroad in Madrid for a summer, semester, or year of high school may be a wonderful option for you. Not only can you earn academic credit, you can also submerse yourself in Spanish language and culture while enjoying an adventure and having some fun. You can meet great people, experience new things, and walk away a transformed person. And, if you stay with a host family, you might even become a bit of a local! Best of all, you can do all of this while enhancing your college applications and resume.   

Now let’s talk specifics. Madrid is a vibrant city that blends traditional and modern culture. It is ancient and new at once. It blends cobblestone roads with smooth pavement, traditional customs with fresh ideas, and sacred events with fun ones. Madrid invites visitors into its historical, social, and political roots, and also delivers modern amenities and opportunities like shopping malls, soccer games (fútbol), and flea markets. In short, Madrid is a great and dynamic place to visit.

To find the perfect high school study abroad program for you, explore your options here. Once you’ve found a program you like, you can contact the program directly for more details. With a little bit of planning and maybe some courage, you can begin your life-enhancing adventure to Madrid now!

Fun Fact: If you order “torilla” in Spain, you’re likely to be surprised. Head to Madrid and try it out! (No fair googling its meaning!)