Are you looking for a high school study abroad experience with fascinating history and culture? Studying High school abroad in Russia through exchange programs might be a great fit for you. Spanning Eastern Europe and Asia, Russia is, by land mass, one of the largest countries in the world, encompassing a host of cultures and traditions that come together to form the Russia we know today. Whether you’re interested in learning Russian, or Russian history and artistic and literary culture, this may be a great placement for your study abroad experience.

Why Study High School Abroad in Russia with an Exhange Program?

Whether you’re interested in spending a full year, a semester, or the summer, Russia might be a truly unique study abroad experience to enliven your high school experience. Russia is a diverse country, with over 150 ethnic and indigenous groups represented within the population, each with their own unique cultures and traditions. Some of the most famous elements of Russian culture include Russian fairy tales, folk art, music, tradition, and architecture.

Russia has produced a wide variety of significant contributions to art culture, including visual art, music, dance, and literature. Much of this, but not all, is influenced by Russian folk tales, superstitions and traditions. Other examples of Russian artistic accomplishment include the famous Russian ballet, a literary tradition including the likes of Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, and Chekov, as well as Orthodox iconography, Russian Realist painting, and Russian Avant Garde.