School at Sea

Have you ever considered a semester at sea? High school programs at sea are one of the most exclusive and exciting ways to spend a high school semester at sea, and now with a number of study at sea programs almost anyone may have the opportunity to learn while enjoying a life-changing sailing experience.

Sea High School Programs

With some study abroad at sea programs touching down in as many as 20 countries, a high school semester at sea may be exactly what you’re looking for to get into that top-tier College or international University program.

Are you considering studying at sea for a life-changing experience where you’ll make some amazing friends and stop at some of the most visually stunning ports the world has to offer? High school at sea offers as much adventure as you can pack into a semester at sea, while still offering you priceless life experience, and a valuable international education that will help you learn about the World and hone your interests in preparation for your next step after highschool.

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