Are you interested in an exciting and unique high school study abroad experience? How about exchange programs in Malaysia? Whether you want to spend a semester, the summer, or a full academic year, studying high school abroad in Malaysia through exchange programs might allow you to work on your language skills, meet new people from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures, experience the world from a new perspective, and explore one of the most biodiverse nations on earth.

Why Study High School Abroad in Malaysia through Exchange Programs?

Malaysian culture is both vibrant and diverse, with a whole host of traditions and influences drawn from its multiethnic culture, as well as being influenced by its official religion of Islam. In addition to Islam being the state religion—a fact that definitely informs Malaysian culture and traditions—Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and other religions are also represented among the population. Malaysian culture is also heavily influenced by Chinese and Indian culture, as well as indigenous Malaysian traditions.

The Malaysian artistic tradition traditionally incorporates weaving, silversmithing, and wood carving, as well as beading and clay work, culminating in a uniquely Malaysian artistic style. Beyond this artistic tradition, many unique traditions exist within individual cultural groups. Due to the relative lack of assimilation of various cultural traditions maintain their own unique styles of art, performing arts, music, culinary arts and more, making Malaysia a truly diverse study abroad experience. In addition to cultural diversity, Malaysia is also considered a megadiverse country, meaning that it boasts a significant amount of biodiversity, making it a valuable option for anyone interested in biology, the environment, and conservation.