High School Abroad in Denmark Exchange Programs may be the perfect way to combine Nordic adventure with academic credits. Located in Northern Europe, Denmark’s population is ranked by the World Happiness Report as the happiest in the world.[i] Whether you want to be able to pick up the Danish language, or learn a bit of German, it may also be nice to know that about 86% of Danes are proficient in English.[ii]

Why Study High School Abroad in Denmark with an Exchange Program?

While you may associate Denmark with Vikings, Gothic Churches, and Hans Christian Andersen, contemporary Denmark is also the hometown of award winning creators, directors and actors. Studying Abroad in Denmark means you may be biking through Copenhagan, watching a soccer match, or eating smorrebrod with your classmates. If you are looking for a potentially unforgettable high school experience, start browsing through the sponsored listings of programs to find the one that fits!

FUN FACT: Want to say “hello’ in Danish? One of the ways is to say ‘hej’ (pronounced as ‘high’).[iii]