Want to make your high school experience really stand out? Study abroad in Costa Rica! High school study abroad in Costa Rica could expend your horizons, both literally and figuratively. You might explore the rainforest, build fluency in Spanish, and experience a new culture. Studying abroad in Costa Rica during high school could teach you a bit about what life is like for people around the world. Plus, these new experiences might teach you about yourself. It may even help you decide what you want to do in college—not to mention making that college application stand out from the rest. Plus, it’s fun! If these aren't reasons enough, read on to learn more about high school study abroad in Costa Rica programs and what you might expect.

High School Study Abroad in Costa Rica: What You Need to Know

Lots of people dream about international travel. With high school study abroad in Costa Rica, you won’t just be dreaming about travel, you’ll be doing it! Studying abroad in Costa Rica in high school isn’t a vacation though, but an academic experience. That means you could keep up with your course work even while living abroad. You might continue working toward graduation, in an exciting and unique way.

Why learn about the rainforest from a textbook when you could visit it in person, bringing those science classes to life right before your eyes? You could also learn Spanish in Costa Rica, taking your language skills up a notch. Or you might explore ancient ruins, make friends from around the world, and even learn about yourself in the process. Don’t just learn about history, conservation, or language—live it!

High School Study Abroad in Costa Rica – What Could It Be Like?

If you’re thinking about studying abroad during high school, Costa Rica might be a great choice. For one, Costa Rica is in a comparable time zone to the United States, making it a little easier to keep in touch with your friends and family back home. Costa Rica also has an exciting, diverse culture, with influences ranging from Spain and the rest of Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean, not to mention indigenous traditions. This might be demonstrated in a variety of ways, from Costa Rican cuisine, to cultural traditions, to the people you meet.

And that’s not all. Up to a quarter of Costa Rica is dedicated to national parks and conservation areas. From mountains to cloud forests, to rainforests, to beautiful beaches, if you want to experience the environment, see tropical wildlife, and even kick back and relax on the beach, Costa Rica might just be the place to do it.

High School Study Abroad Programs in Costa Rica

If you want to make the most of your high school study abroad in Costa Rica, choosing a program that works for you is an important step. Depending on your interests, the amount of time you want to spend abroad, and the experiences you want while you’re there, a variety of options may be at your fingertips.

  • Home Stay – Do you want a program that lets you live with a Costa Rican host family, becoming part of your local community? Many programs may facilitate this kind of experience, while others may arrange other types of housing.
  • Language – Some students may be angling for the full Costa Rican experience: living in a Costa Rican home, speaking Spanish, attending classes in Spanish, and more, while others prefer a program conducted at least partially in English. Deciding whether you want an immersive Spanish experience in Costa Rica might be an important factor in choosing your study abroad program.
  • Program Length – Do you want to spend a semester or even a year attending high school in Costa Rica? Or are you looking for a program you could complete over the summer or on a break? A variety of program lengths for high school study abroad in Costa Rica may be available.

Of course, these are only a few factors you might be considering. Other things, like your personal interests, financial concerns, or even your academics back home might impact your decision where to enroll for your high school study abroad in Costa Rica. Make a note of whichever factors are important to you, to make sure you ask the right questions and choose a Costa Rica study abroad program that really works for you!

Preparing to Study Abroad in Costa Rica in High School

Whether you’re spending the summer or a whole year in Costa Rica, your first study abroad experience might be a truly life-changing experience. From living away from home to experiencing another culture in a different part of the world, that’s a lot to prepare for! To help get your started, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Academics – Make sure you follow up on how the classes you take while studying abroad fit into your course schedule back home! This might affect the program you enroll in and the courses you choose to take, among other things.
  • Money – Studying abroad might be pricey! Whether you’re paying for it yourself or have a little bit of help, it never hurts to stay on top of your budget. In addition to saving your money in advance, you might be able to apply for study abroad scholarships and grants to help fund the experience.
  • Paperwork – Make sure you apply for your passport and visa on time! The program you choose might have information to help make sure you have this all in order. Don’t put it off to the last minute!

Above all, make the most of it! You’ll grow as a person, make new friends from across the globe, and learn a ton while you’re at it. Studying abroad in Costa Rica for the first time is a unique experience, so enjoy it while you can, and make memories you’ll treasure forever!

Find Your High School Study Abroad in Costa Rica Program Today!

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