Are you looking for an exciting high school study abroad opportunity and exhcnage program that would allow you to make the most of your time in Western Europe? You might want to consider studying High School Abroad in Belgium. Belgium, perhaps most famous for its chocolate, is conveniently located in the middle of Western Europe, nestled between France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. This beautiful, multi-lingual country has a long history, picturesque landscapes, and a vibrant culture, making it a great location for the motivated study abroad student to learn about life from a European perspective.

Why Study High School Abroad in Belgium Exchange Programs?

Belgium might be a great destination for a student interested in languages. With three official languages, spoken primarily in three different regions, whether you’re interested in working on your French, German, or Dutch skills, Belgium might be the place for you. In many ways, these spoken languages reflect different facets of Belgian culture, influenced by its bordering countries. For example, French-speaking Walloon people, concentrated in the region of Wallonia, are heavily influenced by French culture in their cultural traditions and everyday life, whereas another major group, the Dutch-speaking Flemish in northern Belgium, especially in Antwerp, is also influenced heavily by the English-speaking world and media, making it a potential good choice for students looking for an easier transition.

Belgium has a long history of accomplishment in its art culture, and remains influential on European art as a whole today. Belgian art culture dates back to the middle ages, when it was typically religious in nature and influenced by the presence of several major monasteries within Belgium. Belgium also made major contributions to music in the Renaissance, especially with respect to the Franco-Flemish School which influenced the popular polyphonic style of the day. Today, Belgian art culture is exemplified in comics and cartooning (for example, one popular work is The Adventures of Tintin) as well as several major art museums, including the Plantin-Moretus Museum, which is  a UNESCO World Heritage Site.