Graduate study abroad in Australia could be a great place to enhance your education and see the world at the same time. Spend a semester, a year, or even shorter options to fit your schedule! You could find great programs that support your subject area and interests, and study in some of Australia’s great universities, all while experiencing life down under. All in all, study abroad graduate programs in Australia could not only be a solid addition to your education and resume—they could also be fun!

Want to Study in Australia?

Studying abroad in Australia could certainly expand your horizons. While Australian life and culture has a lot in common with places like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, the land down under is as unique a destination as they come.

For one, Australia is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world.  Almost a quarter of all Australian residents were born abroad. Studying in Australia, you could get to know people from all backgrounds. International travel experience, and connections around the world? That could be a pretty big advantage for your career and throughout your life.

Australia also has one of the highest numbers of international students in the world. That’s no surprise when you consider that seven of the top 100 universities in the world are Australian. With that kind of academic repertoire, there’s a solid chance you could find the Australian graduate programs you’re looking for.

Choosing Study Abroad Graduate Programs in Australia

Finding an Australian graduate program that meets your needs could be a crucial step in making the most of your study abroad experience. With the variety of universities throughout the country—not to mention the cutting-edge research those universities might be doing—you could find a great program and study under a faculty you admire. By combining your academic and professional interests with a destination you love, you could make your graduate study abroad in Australia unforgettable.

Some examples of the subjects you might study in Australia include:

  • Archeology and Anthropology – Study and experience archeology and anthropology up close! You could study maritime archeology, and learn about how indigenous cultures evolve over time. Programs may even include fascinating field experiences you might not find anywhere else!
  • Business – You could earn an internationally recognized MBA, study commerce, economics, marketing, and more! Studying business in Australia might combine the advantages of learning in English, while still being closer to Asia. Plus, with the growth of Australia’s digital economy, a variety of unique opportunities for experience might be available.
  • Language – Australia’s primary language may be English but it has a diverse and international culture. This could make it a perfect place to study a variety of languages, potentially including indigenous languages only found in the land down under.
  • Conservation – If you want to study or work in conservation, ecology, or a related field, Australia could be a perfect choice for your graduate study abroad opportunity! From studying the Great Barrier Reef up close, to the rainforest, and even the Outback, graduate study abroad opportunities in Australia could make nature your classroom.
  • Creative – Love the arts? Studying abroad in Australia, you could learn all about a variety of creative fields, from graphic design, to fashion, video game design, and even film! You might even be able to find great international internship opportunities and expand your portfolio.

Study Abroad Graduate Programs in Australia: Where to Go

Not sure what part of Australia calls to you? Depending on what you study, your subject area might inform where in Australia you want to live. For example, studying marine biology? You probably have your eye on a program near the Great Barrier Reef. However, that’s not the only factor! From your hobbies to climate to local culture, each potential locale has its own unique qualities to offer you.

To help you make that decision, here’s a brief guide to each of the major regions of Australia:

  • New South Wales: One of the most popular places to study in New South Wales (or NSW for short) might be its capital, Sydney. As such, a variety of graduate study abroad programs in Sydney might be available. The Australian Capital Territory (and therefore Canberra) is also located within its borders.
  • Tasmania: This could be an attractive destination for anyone interested in conservation and ecology. That’s because almost half of Tasmania is made up of national parks, as well as the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area!
  • Queensland: As home to six World Heritage preservation areas, including the Great Barrier Reef and several rainforests, Queensland might be a great choice if you want to study conservation. However, with more urban including Brisbane and Gold Coast, you could find programs to support any interest. 
  • Western Australia: The largest state in Australia occupies the entire western third of the Australian continent. Despite its large size, more than 90% of the population lives concentrated around its capital, Perth. Whether you prefer the more urban experience of Perth, or want to make nature your classroom in the Outback, Western Australia may have a lot to offer.
  • South Australia: Most residents of South Australia live in or around its capital, Adelaide. Originally, the region was occupied by a variety of aboriginal cultures. Today, South Australia is particularly known for its wine industry. Combine your study in Australian graduate programs with a rich experience of South Australian lifestyle by studying in Adelaide.
  • Victoria: Simultaneously one of the smallest and one of the most densely populated states, Victoria boasts a healthy and diversified economy, with eight public universities, and a vibrant sports culture. Whether you choose to study in Melbourne or one of Victoria’s other beautiful cities, your academic and personal experience living in Victoria could enhance a variety of graduate programs.

Scheduling your Study Abroad Graduate Programs in Australia

A variety of options might be available when it comes to scheduling your Australian study abroad experience. Choosing a program that fits into your education, life, and budget could help you make the most of the experience! Some of your options might include:

  • Study Abroad for a Year in Australia – Spend a full year or an academic year studying in Australia, and gain a fuller perspective of what life in Australia is like!
  • Spend a Semester in Australia – Spend your fall semester or spring semester studying in an Australian graduate program, and experience life abroad for a few months. Just remember, Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere. Therefore, seasons may be reverse of back home. You could escape winter and enjoy the summer season down under!
  • Shorter Programs – Can’t give up a full semester or year to study abroad? Luckily, you could choose anything from summer in Australia programs to a shorter Maymester Intersession, or even choose a winter session.

Find Study Abroad Graduate Programs in Australia Today!

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