Spend a year expanding your horizons—literally and figuratively—with a gap year in San Jose, Costa Rica. You could not only learn about the world, but what you want to do with your life, and even who you are as a person. With a gap year in San Jose, you might immerse yourself in a new culture, learn a new language, gain real-world experience, and more. Plus, as the largest city in Costa Rica, San Jose is full of diverse culture and learning opportunities, and just a short jaunt away from pristine wilderness adventures. Sound like your kind of life-changing experience?

Why Take a Gap Year in San Jose?

A gap year in San Jose could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, whatever your reasons for going. Maybe you need some time to figure out what you want to do with your life, to learn who you are, or gain some independence. Maybe you want to put what you learned in the classroom into action. Maybe you’ve simply been bit by the travel bug. Whatever your goal, spending your gap year in Costa Rica could be the perfect way to stretch your wings and learn something new.