In the last few decades students have been seriously considering the idea of studying abroad, engaging in different programs depending on their chosen field.  As the phenomenon has become a regular thing worldwide, Universities are very concerned with establishing numerous interesting programs that will lure international students to their campuses, something rather beneficiary for every student.

The majority of students who’re already done with their year and career abroad picture their international experience as a chance to grow up and advance intellectually as well as culturally.

In order to become a global citizen, one has to pack the bags and expand the horizons; it’s the only way you truly understand the essence of “thinking globally”.

So, why is it so important to enroll on some study program abroad?


1.    Personal Growth

For once, you will be able to monitor the aftermath of your own actions and figure out the best way to stability be it emotional, financial or organizational. Responsibility is something that can be trained, so what better way to do that than by living on your own in a great city you barely know, on a strict schedule.

2.    A global perspective

Getting rid of stereotypes can be hard if you are living in some homogenic  small town, where foreigners are considered as “the other part of the world”. Also, embracing new cultures can only be possible by a symbiotic experience of shared wisdom; presumption is the begging of naively judgments the unknown. Looking at the world from a wider angle expands ones alternatives regarding life decision that consequently shape our future.

3.    Proficiency in a foreign language

Learning a new language opens the doors to a whole new culture through the people’s remarks and their literary legacy. Another language in the repertoire of skills and achievements is very valuable in the global job market comprised of multinational institutions as a frequent entity in every developed country.

4.    Career Efficient Skills

Exchanging academic notes on the designated subject with people from different countries thus different educational systems is insightful in that you get to learn perks of the practical experience opposed to what’s said in theory.  Critical thinking is a valuable asset on your future career regardless of the domain or expertize.  

In all, for those students who undertake the challenge, living and studying abroad is one of the most exciting and enriching opportunities within the scope of their career.

As we’ve established common ground to why it’s important to study abroad for a student of this age, another important matter comes to the surface.


Why makes European countries so attractive to fellow international students as well as natives itself?


1.    Freedom of movement

With establishing the European Union and the Schengen agreement almost every country in Europe is liberated from visa requirements in order for their citizens to freely travel within the designated area. The fact that most of the European citizens are considered to be entitled to the unified rights of not only entering the country, but also studying and working in any European country equally to the natives is a great alleviation for students in Europe to engage in various exchange study abroad programs offered.

2.    Study abroad programs

The variety of study-abroad programs is ever-rising as such a milestone has become an inseparable part of every country's educational system as well as every other student’s vision. Almost every University nowadays, has a special domain for International Programs; some are even taught entirely in English as a universal language.

3.    Low cost public education

The fact that studying in Europe is quite cheaper compared to US, Canada or Australia yet equally efficient and innovative makes Europe quite an attraction for the internationals. Adding up the low-cost accommodation and living expenses in most of the European metropolis further describes the international affiliation.

4.    Help with the finances

For many students, funding their studies abroad is of a major concern. However, there are means to help and support students that wish to travel abroad for their studies such as scholarships, financial aids or even paid internships or fund raising ngos’ whose solely aim is to support prospective students in any way possible.

On the other hand, there are companies which offer to pay full tuitions to their employees in order for them to expand their horizons abroad and bring that knowledge to the doors of the company.

Another alleviation for the European students that enroll in exchange programs in the exceptional transportation system which brings together all the European countries not necessarily through aircraft but also through the fast and efficient railway system. It’s cheap and will get you anywhere you want.

5.    Society encourages cultural diversity

Finally, its society itself that encourages studying abroad as a cultural phenomenon it has become in this age of globalization. Parents are the ones who encourage their children to cross borders and see for themselves what it feels like to be part of a bigger picture.