I spent this past weekend in Jutland (the part of Denmark attached to Germany) with my host family. A cousin was celebrating her 18th birthday so the extended family got together to join in the fun. We had a lovely 3 hour drive to Jutland from Zealand, the island that Copenhagen is on. On the way to my host father's parents' house, we stopped in Jelling, home of the famous Jelling Stones. These stones and the Jelling kirke (Jelling church) have been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is because the stones represent Kings Gorm and Harald, father and son, and the baptism of Christianity in Denmark. I am not the right person to ask for a most extensive history of these stones and Danish history...so go look it up if you're interested! But I must say, I enjoyed knowing that I had officially visited all three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Denmark: Roskilde Cathedral, Kronborg Castle, and Jelling Kirke.

We had a wonderful weekend in Jutland. The scenery was beautiful. We even got a little bit of snow, which I had been hoping for during my time in Denmark. It was extraordinarily beautiful. I was able to experience several Danish traditions, mainly including food, while in Jutland. For example, open face sandwiches with smorebrod, Christmas snaps, aebleskive (an apple pastry common at Christmas...and delicious), and much more!

Here are some photos of the stones. PS I leave for the US tomorrow! Going back home. Let me tell you, it is so bittersweet. I will miss my host family and this country very, very much!