Hola! The past weekend we spent in Buenos Aires! Our hotel didn't have good WiFi so it was hard to contact anyone but I arrived in my city today! Friday we went on a city tour and saw all the different Barrios, or regions/neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. We went to the Plaza de Mayo, which is like the main square of Buenos Aires. The Casa Rosada, or Pink House, the President's house, is there. She doesn't actually live there like in the USA but it is the main office where she works. We then went to Recoleta Cemetary where Evita and all the past presidents of Argentina are buried. We continued onto Boca, where tango first started! We walked around the streets and I was able to buy real Messi jerseys for my neighbors for a great price. Argentina is crazy about soccer and especially since the World Cup is starting it's even crazier! We rode through Puerto Madero and the other ports to see that. Buenos Aires is the main hub and port for imports and exports in Argentina. We had plenty of time for siesta, a nap, and then went out to dinner. Argentina is known for their meat. We decided of course to go to a meat place for dinner. The restaurant was called Sigue la vaca and it was an all you can eat meat buffet!!! The food was so delicious. Saturday we explored some more. Adriana, one of the girls from the group and I went to mass in the Cathedral in Plaza de Mayo. This Cathedral is actually where the Pope is from!!! It was so cool and so beautiful. Saturday night we went to an Italian restaurant that was very good, I had fetucchini carbonera. For dessert I had a dulce de leche (similar to caramel, but better) treat. Sunday morning we went to San Telmo, a more urban area, for the street market. I bought a cute bracelet for myself but was unable to continue shopping because one of the girls I was with got robbed. In crowded areas here it's very common, like in the US, to be pick pocketed. This girl had her whole wallet stolen! It was so hard for me to stay calm when she was freaking out but because I have been here before the girls were looking to me for what to do. Thankfully, she did not have her passport on her. She did have her credit card, 400 pesos, 20 US dollars, and her social security card on her. Good news: social security can't be used here and 400 pesos is only 40 US dollars. Bad news: her credit card company won't send her card to her host mom here so they have to send it to her mom and then her mom has to send it here overnight via FedEx for a bigger price. Unfortunately, these things happen. Whenever traveling make sure to be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. Don't wear a backpack that people can unzip or cut the bottom out of. Now, I need to unpack! More will come soon about our city tour of Rosario, my city, and the university where I am studying. The blog is saying my pictures are too large so I will change them and upload them with the next post! Until then, chau!