People almost always assume the weather in Scotland is terrible. Nearly everyone tends to picture eternal cold and rain. The reality is, however, that despite the somewhat regular rain and clouds it is much warmer here than it is in the American Northeast where at this time of year it is below freezing almost every day. For instance, today it's 41 degrees F (5 degrees C) and that's pretty typical. I would be lying if I didn't admit that it does rain here quite often and many days it's cloudy.  However, though it rains a few days each week, it seems that the rain is much lighter than I am accustomed to in New England. Rarely is there a true downpour, and despite my approximately fifteen minute walk to class there has yet to be a day when the temperature was too bitter or the rain was too unbearable.  In fact, my friends and I are often pleasantly surprised by how many days in a row the sun will be out.  So, despite what they say, it turns out that the weather in Scotland is not nearly as bad as you've probably heard, and for those days when it's a bit dreary just think of it as one more chance to break our your wellie collection!