How to Vote in Another Country

According to the Huffington Post, young adults ages 18 to 30 will make up approximately 24 percent of the voting age population in 2012. That’s nearly one fourth of all votes! As cliché as it sounds, your vote really does count. Each and every American citizen has the civic duty to vote during election time – especially with the upcoming Presidential Election! Just because you’re studying abroad doesn’t mean you are exempt from voting. We do understand that filing for an absentee ballot through an overseas voter registration can be a daunting task, but luckily the Youth Vote Overseas Foundation is here to help! 

Overseas Voter Registration

The Youth Vote Overseas Foundation, a nonpartisan initiative of the Overseas Vote Foundation, makes voting while studying abroad fool proof. Through this one portal you are able to generate your overseas voter registration/absentee ballot request form, learn about the candidates, keep up with voting deadlines, and so much more! So here’s what you need to do if you are studying abroad this year: go to the YVO website, create an account, and request an absentee ballot. See, simple as that! 

To learn more about the Youth Vote Overseas Foundation, visit their website.