After a having fabulous time in Garmisch, on Tuesady we
drove 7 hours to Hannover, Germany. I want to go back to Garmisch already. The
mountains were unbelievable and it just felt so peaceful being there. Hopefully
I can make one trip back before I go back home!

It was a long day of driving and I give my mother props…she
drove the whole time! It was a nice day so it wasn’t too bad. We arrived at
Helma’s house (my grandma’s sister) around 6 pm.  There was some of the family there and they
welcomed us! Everyone was so nice and welcoming us into their homes. Helma
especially  was so sweet and kind and
always had cake or some kind of sweets to eat. I ate more cake the last week
than I have in the last year! It was sooo goodJ
(Note to self: need to find a gym asap)

Anyway, the last 5 days we basically did the same routnine
each day: wake up, go to one of the sisters houses for frühstück, eat lots and lots of bröchens, fruit,
tea, etc, sit down and talk, eat some more at kaffee and kuchen time, sit some
more, and then eat again. It was definitely an adjustment to just eat and sit
so much. But, it was nice meeting all of my relatives that I had never met!
There are so many of them and most only speak german so I tried to make out
what I could but my german is very slim right now (hoping to become pro by
June, cross your fingers!). I felt overwhlemed at times, but I’m really
grateful that I got to meet everyone and that they were so welcoming. And my
grandma got to see her sisters and brother for the first time being back in
Germany in 20 years which is pretty sweet!!

Saturday was my
birthday. Our hosts baked me a cake with raseberry filling and I got a huge
basket of fruit, tea, and chocolates from other family members. I went with my
mom and grandma saturday night to the city of Hannover with my cousin Denis to
a Wine Bar. It was so fancy and hip and I felt like I was in NY city! A bunch
of other people came...his uncle, sister, his girlfriend, some other people and
it was a fun night! I had ravioli and like a berry spritzer wine which was
actually pretty good. Sooo overall, it was a great birthday, spending time with
family and being in Germany of course!

Now I am in
Marburg staying at a pension tonight and tomorrow starting my program at the
university and getting my dorm! Hopefully everything goes smoothly the first
few days before we start class on thursday. My mom and grandma will be leaving
early tomorrow morning to go back home. I will miss them! I am nervous but
excited about being on my own here in this big city that I cannot wait to
explore! ~Goodnight everyone