I can’t believe that tomorrow I am casually jetting off to Paris and Barcelona for the week. Livin the dream! I surprisingly had a really fun and exciting week- I always feel like time creeps by right before you are supposed to go away.

Tuesday was my first Valentines Day out of the country. I happen to love Valentine’s Day and try to look past the fact that Hallmark created the holiday. Last year in DC I had an amazing, romantic picnic with my friends on the floor of my dorm room, received a love song from an acapella group, and went to a Joshua Radin concert. I was thinking that it would be pretty hard to top that but this year was just as good. My friends and I went to a really cute restaurant, Sygn, made multiple toasts to good friendship and good times, and went to go see the incredibly corny movie The Vow. Of course, we had to end the night with some chocolate eating :)

Wednesday I went by myself to visit the National Gallery of Scotland. I was a little skeptical to go alone, but it ended up being such a treat to be soak in the art at my own pace. The museum is set on a garden on Princes Street and I was enamored by all of the old oil paintings as well as the new exhibition which was full of tall white walls covered in pieces for sale. I spend over two hours walking around and at the end I sat outside in the garden people watching. Needless to say, it was a lovely afternoon.

Yesterday everyone got together for our last night out in Edinburgh for a while. There was a big party at a club where all of the different flats were invited, and we dranks lots of champagne that we had saved from Valentines Day. We are all going away for what the University of Edinburgh calls “Innovative Learning Week” which essentially means no class for five days. I am really excited for my trip and hope that we get good weather!