Saturday night, Raghad and I decided to watch Trainspotting together.  It was so incredibly hard to watch the movie.  First, we tried borrowing it from a friend, but he couldn't find it anywhere.  Then, we tried to find it online somewhere, but we didn't have a VGA cable.  After borrowing one from the guys downstairs, we realized that we didn't have a sound cable.  We tried hooking up a tiny speaker to her laptop which worked alright, but then the website we were using to watch the movie wasn't working.  At this point, we decided we were quite hungry after the arduous task of trying to watch a movie, so we made pancakes from scratch.  I've never made pancakes from scratch, and I didn't realize how easy it is (only flour, eggs, milk, and a pinch of salt to it).  After a half hour of maple syrup and delicious, but very thin pancakes (they make pancakes different here!!!), we realized Trainspotting was on YouTube.  I heard about the film from Arcadia before coming to Scotland, and it is apparently one of the best/truest scottish films. However, before we watched it, everyone I talked to warned me that it was gritty and dangerous. I just didn't realize that it would be so creepy. There was a dead baby. I am so glad I didn't watch it alone!!!