Starting it off with a group shot of everyone on the trip which is almost everyone in my program:

Challenge #1: See if you can spot me


So they also like murals here:

Challenge #2: See how many film characters you can identify. First Leo moment of the day.


They man in the iron mask supposedly was held here for a while.  Second Leo moment of the day.

The harbor!

Princess Grace stayed here while filming a movie.

We ate lunch and The Melting Pot which unfortunately was not fondue based like The Melting Pots from the US but fortunately they make a yummy pesto spagetti!

I love beaches with mountains in the backdrop!

They also like boats here.

I told you they like murals!

I wasn't kidding.

This is a sweet (pun intended) candy shop that Will, Molly, and I stopped in and ended up buying some delish sweets. 

There were Blues Brother statues!

This is the guy responsible for making Cannes famous.  If I remember correctly ( with some help from the internet) there was an illness going around that detained him in Cannes and he came to like the small fishing village so much that he decided to build a huge Italian villa.  His wealthy friends joined in and then Cannes became a hot-spot for the rich. 

Got to swim in the Mediterranean Sea!

Au revoir!