When I first decided to study abroad, I had no idea that I would absorb so much from the experience. Getting involved with CEA has helped me with my résumé, communication skills, and my passion for travel.

After studying abroad for the summer term in San José, Costa Rica I learned about CEA’s Alumni Ambassador program for recent alumni. As an Ambassador, I am one of the faces representing CEA on my campus—Southern Illinois University—encouraging and educating prospective students on the benefits of study abroad, and the various CEA programs. This program has helped further my communication skills by giving me the opportunity to present information and discuss my own experience abroad with other students.

While abroad, I had the pleasure of working with the marketing team at the university I attended. I wrote multiple blogs about the food, my host family, and the places I discovered during my stay. For participating, I was able to get a letter of recommendation that has helped with my job search and employment in the public relations field. 

Going abroad and being a part of the PR program for CEA helped me boost my résumé. It also helped me become a more diverse and culturally well-rounded person. Through reminiscing about my experiences in job interviews and with students on campus, I’ve gained more confidence when it comes to communicating and sharing my passion for traveling.

I am now pursuing opportunities to study abroad as a graduate student. Being an Alumni Ambassador has opened many doors for me to travel around the world, and I have been introduced to many study abroad and internship programs. My experience abroad has impacted my life and given me the drive that I needed to further my education and knowledge of the Spanish language and Latin culture.          

Bratavia B. is an Alumni Ambassador for CEA Study Abroad. She is currently a student at Southern Illinois University and studied abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica.