Hey everyone!

This past weekend, I went on a tall ship sailing trip organized by DIS, the study abroad program I am attending. It was fantastic! The weather was beyond perfect, the other students were really cool, and the experience was unforgettable!

We started the journey in Holbaek (my spellings may be off) and sailed to Frederikssund to dock for the night. Then on Sunday, we sailed back to Holbaek. We spend most of the time on the ship, learning how to hoist the sails, steer, cook meals, etc. At one point on Saturday, we got off the ship to go for a hike. We found a military training camp with a high ropes course, which we took advantage of. So much fun! Then, we got back on board and spent some time swimming, driving around in a small motor boat, and catching some rays on deck. It was very peaceful :)

That trip was my favorite part of my Copenhagen experience so far. I met a bunch of great people and got to do something I never would have thought of doing during my stay. I recommend sailing in Western Europe (especially Denmark) to anyone and everyone!!!

That's all for now,