If you were to ask anyone who has studied abroad what they liked about their experience, they can easily respond back with a novel-like response. If you were to get something short of that, then that person might just want to spare you from them going on and on. As CEA Alumni, we’ve been there and we know once we start talking about our experience, stopping can become a challenge.

Studying abroad is an experience that changes your outlook on the word and personally, not only are you experiencing new cultures but you are learning and immersing yourself into it creating a bond with cities you’ll never leave behind.  

One thing to take into consideration when studying abroad is the timing. Timing it doesn’t necessarily mean picking sophomore year, junior year or senior year to go abroad. While that is highly important, another time element to take into consideration is what semester to study abroad- fall or spring? 

There are benefits to studying abroad either semester. As a London Spring 2016 alumnae, I cannot express how much going in the spring will benefit you: 

  1. The weather is a factor that impacts the choice between fall and spring semester. While you might need a jacket for the first month of your time in London as winter starts to change into spring. Soon after you will be able to make the most of what your city has to offer once the climate starts to clear up. Which means exploring your city and traveling to nearby countries becomes much easier and enjoyable! 
  2. You will be getting a good deal. When studying abroad in the spring, you will be investing a bit more, but that goes along way. Not only are you taking classes abroad and possibly an internship if your program offers that option for the semester, you will be staying in your city for a bit longer than those who study in the fall.  This makes the trip (relatively) longer! Because, let’s be honest, by the time the end of your semester abroad is wrapping up, you will be wishing it was January again.
  3. Summer. One of the nicest things about studying abroad in the spring is that when the painful departures from your newfound home abroad rolls around, you don’t have to immerse yourself back into school, work, etc. stateside. Summer gives you the leeway to get yourself situated before life back home continues. You ultimately go from having one of the best times of your life abroad and continue the enjoyment of it during the summer. 

Life abroad is nothing short of going outside your comfort zone, venturing out and expecting the unexpected! Springtime is the best time for new adventures and friends to come into your life- trust me on this.

Melissa Rodriguez is an Alumni Ambassador at CEA Study Abroad, she is currently a student at DePaul University and studied abroad in London, England.