The beginning of a new year brings about a desire for resolutions and fresh starts. Studying abroad during the spring semester is a great way to set the tone for all that the year has to offer. Here are some of the many reasons why you should study abroad in the spring.

You get to start the year on a fresh and exciting note.

A new semester is always a chance to reinvent yourself and start with a clean slate. I can’t think of a better way to do that than to start the semester in a new country! You meet all new people, take all new classes, and explore all new cities. You can start off the new year by working to become more culturally aware, well-traveled, able to speak a new language (even if you only pick up “hello” and “where is the bathroom?”), and able to befriend people from all over the world. The chance to start something new and thrilling in the beginning of the year is so unique to a spring semester spent abroad.

The holidays that await you abroad are so cool in the spring.

Spend St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Feria in Seville, Easter with the Pope in Rome, and spring break wherever you want! Sure, back home you could road trip to the closest beach for the week… but when studying abroad you could see beautiful architecture all week by traveling to Budapest, Vienna, and Prague, or you could go to the magnificent Iguazu Falls on the border of Brazil and Argentina.

After the semester is over, you’ll have time to travel.

Instead of immediately packing up and heading home after school is out for the summer, you have the possibility to stay behind on the continent you studied on for some extra exploring. Specifically, for programs in Europe, you will find out just how cheap that travel within the continent can be; after school ends you can take advantage of all those cheap flights and AirBnb deals with some of your new best friends! I personally spent two weeks travelling around France after my program in Dublin ended, and it was so fun because it was summer and the freedom to travel was so exciting.

You don’t have to miss college football season.

For those of you who have a tendency to feel FOMO, you won’t have to miss out on the memories of tailgating, demonstrating school spirit, and cheering on your football team with your friends.

Well, these are just some of the amazing reasons to check out a spring study abroad program; because every city is so unique and every culture is so different, we‘re sure that you’ll find your own reasons to start your new year with an amazing study abroad experience!

Zoey Bloom is an Alumni Ambassador at CEA Study Abroad, she is currently a student at Belmont University and studied abroad in the French Riviera, France & Dublin, Ireland.