A third year at RCS, Daniel Cameron, let me sit in on his rehearsal for a play that he had written based on the Oedipus complex.  It was fascinating to watch him work with the actors in a scene where a 14 year old Antigone is in a psychiatric session opposite a doctor.  My favorite part about it was that Daniel wasn't quite sure what he was doing, so it was pretty much a fun fest of him just trying out different techniques to see what the actors could relate to (in a style much like Stanislavsky).  He tried an exercise in which Antigone was followed around the stage to give her the feeling of being trapped by her situation.  He leaned over to me as the exercise began and said, "I hope this works". It worked brilliantly and afterwards, the actress was able to play the scene with much more depth.  The experience gave me an insight into the role a director plays demonstrating that he/she is along for the ride just as much as the actors.