This past week has been a roller coaster of emotions. Monday night we called it a night early. Spending 20 hours on the bus coming back from Iguazú was exhausting. Tuesday and Wednesday I spent watching movies and documentaries for my paper because it took us forever to get DVD copies of some of them. Wednesday night was our typical night at Shawarma and we ended up becoming Facebook friends with the waitress that is there every week. She's such a sweetheart! Thursday I was invited to attend another class to watch the documentary they were watching on the dictatorship. I absolutely love the professor and wish I had been able to spend more time getting to know her or had been in that class! Thursday afternoon and night I spent working on my paper with a short break to visit the monument and climb to the top! Friday was our graduation ceremony and celebratory lunch at our usual restaurant with UCEL. After lunch and after the other class finished their final presentations, we headed to Yomo, the heladeria, for the kilo challenge! The kilo challenge was invented when we were here in 2012. You must eat a kilo of ice cream (2.2 pounds) in however much time it takes you. Since nobody was able to do it alone the previous time, we decided to do teams. We finished a kilo in 9 minutes and 45 seconds and I think my tongue still has freezer burn today. Today is my roommate's birthday so my host mom had a party for last night. She made her homemade gnocchi's, they are TO DIE FOR. After that, everyone from West Chester headed to the bar and boliche (club) to celebrate our last weekend. Unfortunately, I came home to my roommate crying and she told me that she had been robbed walking home. Thankfully she only had 200 pesos ($20 US) but they took her camera and iPod. It's such a shame that these things happen and that we live in a world where we always need to be so careful about our surroundings and who is around. After an emotional night, I thought I was ready to get home. I'm excited to see my friends, my family, and my adorable goddaughter, but I'm not sure that I'm really ready to leave and today proved that. Saying goodbye is the hardest thing for me. It's amazing how in just five short weeks, people can change your life and the way you view life as well. There is a song by Jason Aldean called "See You When I See You." Check out the lyrics because it really is probably the most relevant song to how I'm feeling right now and I've had it on repeat all day. Today, I hated the way goodbye sounded, just like Jason Aldean says. So instead, I said "nos vemos" which means we will see each other. I'm not sure if my host sisters will come visit me in the US next, or if I'll be back here in Rosario, but I know for sure that some day I will see them again. Until then, besos (kisses) y nos vemos pronto.