Take the leap and apply to a college abroad for the ultimate learning experience. StudyAbroad.com was recently featured in the Forbes article “Royal College Bargain”, where Emily Lambert discusses opportunities for prospective college students to earn their full degree abroad.

Worried that your parents won’t go for the idea of sending you abroad for your college education? Don’t worry, with the right facts you’ll be able to win them over in no time. For example, on average, parents spend between $30,000-$50,000 per year on tuition and fees at U.S. colleges and universities. If you do your research there’s a chance you will discover that universities abroad can end up being cheaper or even free, thanks to the government subsidies.

Lambert’s article highlights things you should consider when deciding if college abroad is right for you. And remember, when you choose to earn your degree abroad you’re not in it alone. There are many other American students in the same boat, learning to cope with the culture shock of living in a foreign country.

Now there are more reasons than ever to look abroad for higher education. Do your research and weigh your options when considering the best college program for you. For more things to consider, check out the full article here: Royal College Bargain.