Every once in a while, when surrounded by contemporary and moving artistic pieces, I forget that it's quite alright to see or perform in a piece of theater that is purely for a laugh.  This last week, I auditioned for a pantomime show. Here, pantomimes are comedies for kids (usually performed at Christmas time) in which audience participation (boos, cheers, and aw's) is highly encouraged and the fourth wall does not exist.  The characters are stereotypes and larger than life.  The audition consisted of a monologue that was self written followed by a song that I changed the lyrics to to fit the character.  I played an old, alzheimer's, and hard of hearing queen who solidly believed in love and how it always works out (just like Romeo and Juliet).  The entire thing was for a laugh and I went for it, which was perfect because it reminded me that some things in this life are just for fun =)