But first BREAKING NEWS on the Senegal election update: There will be another election at the end of the month between the incumbent Wade and Macky Sall who received the second highest number of votes.  Let’s hope Senegal generates enough votes to finally get Wade out of here.

As much as I love living in Dakar, I sometimes feel like I need a change of scenery and more (if its possible) leisure time which is why I decided to spend my Spring Break in The Gambia, about 7 hours south of Dakar.  I should currently be lounging on The Gambia's beautiful beaches right now but our Spring Break is postponed until all this voting nonsense is over.  However I am just realizing how lucky I am to be in Senegal where I am at the beach every weekend during winter!  Here are a few pictures from my beach excursions thus far: 

Isle de Gorée- settled by Europeans in the 1400’s and only a quick ferry ride outside of Dakar, Goree Island has gained recognition for its ‘Maison d’esclaves’ (slave house)-in which we were able to visit to see the horrifying conditions that slaves underwent during the slave trade. There are also a few museums and a church that the Portuguese built back when it was settled.  All of the buildings are still intact making this island a beautiful and and historic tourist spot. 


Toubab Dialaw-about two hours outside of Dakar, we spent a wonderful and relaxing weekend in this ‘artist’s colony’ in Senegal.  I learned how to make a batik , ate delicious food, listened to live music and relaxed literally the entire weekend on this fantastic beach.  


Teuf plage-This gorgeous beach is walking distance from my homestay in Ouakam and is absolutely breathtaking-which is why I am there so often. There is also a fantastic ice cream shop called ‘Le Regis’ on the main road off the beach!