i'm here to study abroad. meaning yes, i am going to school. now in all honesty, when people ask me "oh what are you studying?" -- i so badly just want to respond "life." but no, i do have to get a few things done while here in ireland. as much as i would prefer to skip through the beautiful cobblestreets in downtown galway, i do have to go to class.

school is a little bit different here in ireland. "teaching" began on jan. 10. however, we had two weeks to shop around and ensure that we liked the courses we were planning to take. most of the irish students told us that they never went to the first two weeks of class, and many used the time as another reason to party.

i am majoring in hospitality at san diego state university, however here at the national university of ireland, galway, this major does not exist. so i am taking classes that i find interesting and that i may get general education credit for. because i knew going into this that i was not going to make much progress towards graduation while i'm here, i chose my classes based on three rules.

  1. the class couldn't be before 11am
  2. no class on thursday or friday
  3. i had to be slightly interested in the subject


i have another week to decide if i am absolutely happy with everything. and once i know for sure, i'll share my schedule with you all.