For my contemporary arts class, we had to go to the National Gallery of Victoria in the beginning of the semester. I was planning on going to the museum anyways, but I decided to wait and go with my class.  My class ventured to the museum on the second day of class, which I thought was weird considering, we only had one previous lecture class. I thought we were going to get settled into the class and really discuss contemporary art before seeing any museums, but nope! When I got to the museum, I actually went to the wrong one! WOOPS! I saw this other girl who seemed lost and after searching the museum we both realized that we were in the wrong location. Luckily, the other museum was only a brief five minute walk, so we were not extremely late. I added a few artwork from the museum that really caught my eye and inspire my own work. 


I thought the exhibition of the animals on the dinner plates were exceptionally powerful, because I am a new vegetarian. I was able to connect with this piece on a personal and political level. Also, I liked seeing people's reactions when they saw the artwork. Many people were repulsed and surprised that an artist would actually be so upfront and direct about the exploitation and mistreatment of these animals. It really made people think about their own lifestyles, which I really appreciated.