As I wait for the plane to board in Boston I am becoming more excited to be back in Scotland with each minute that passes by. I can't believe I am about to return for my second semester at the University of St Andrews.  As a third year at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA I have been given the amazing opportunity of studying at St Andrews for a full academic year. I have a little bit of study abroad experience under my belt and cannot wait to return for some more European adventures! At Holy Cross I major in sociology and minor in visual art but am studying social anthropology while at St Andrews.  Thus far my time in Scotland has been unbelievable. 

The past weeks at home have been wonderful. It's been great to see my family and friends from home as well as visit Holy Cross and see my friends there and wonderful roommate, Bethanne, who came all the way to Scotland to visit last semester.  I got to spend Christmas with my family at home in Connecticut and prepare to make my journey back to St Andrews! 

My first time packing over the summer proved a difficult task. After a collaborative effort of shoving and pushing (which included the use of spacebags, something I would highly recommend) all of my belongings for a year into one small and one large suitcase only to fail royally, the morning of my departure I had to hurry to buy a larger suitcase. However, in the end all of my clothes, decorations, and keepsakes did fit, so for all of you who are worried - don't be. It will work out! Packing was much easier this time around, however. I knew what I needed and
found that the gifts that I brought home to give balanced out with the
gifts that I received nicely in my suitcase. One thing I can say for sure though, is that this time there was definitely room saved for some goldfish, fritos, and funfetti mix.  While the British are certainly underestimated for their food, nothing can beat American snacks!

While I sit here I cannot help but think back on my feelings in this very spot in early September as I headed for St Andrews for my first semester.  At that point I had never been to the UK, knew few people in my program, and thought for sure I must have forgotten something essential even after two whole days devoted to packing. Since then I have met the two Americans, two Scots, and one Indian who have become my roommates and close friends, traveled to Edinburgh and London, been dressed as a hotdog bun and covered by foam in a medieval quad, roamed the same streets as Kate and Wills, and had an absolute blast. Today,  I feel entirely differently in this airport. Today, I am only thrilled to be back with my friends and back at the 600-year-old university I have come to love.

As I write this blog I'll be sure to include my current adventures as well as look back on some memories of my first semester in Scotland.  I hope you enjoy all that I have to say, and greatly look forward to sharing my adventures with you!