Lately I have been feeling a bit sad about missing DC and my friends and family but then I remember that I am in such an amazing country, the weeks are flying by, and that I am having a once in a lifetime experience.

This weekend was one of those times that I realized what an incredible experience this has been. I went to Glasgow yesterday, the other large city in Scotland. I woke up quite early with two other friends, walked down to the train station on Princes Street and took an hour long train ride to Glasgow. It was my first trip out of Edinburgh that I organized myself and I was happy to be making my own plans. First we took the metro to the Kelingrove Art Gallery which was really nice and had a large variety of art from all over the world and an exhibit of floating heads in the middle of the space. After losing our way back to the metro, we ate lunch at this hidden cafe called Stereo where I had a mindblowingly good chickpea burger. Afterwards, we went to the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art and saw an exhibit with lamp shades that went up to the (very high) ceiling, as well as a piece of live video feeds from Pakistan and New York side by side with every day activities being broadcast (people at the bank, people in the office, people cooking food etc.) The whole point was that you couldn’t tell which was which and that we are more similar than we believe. After our museum excursions we went shopping a bit and walked to a sketchy little cafe that was quite dirty but one of the few places in the city that serves fried MARS bars. With ice cream. It was worth it and quite delicious :) We were all exhausted after gorging ourselves with food and decided to head back to Edinburgh. 

I’m looking forward to devoting this week to planning my trips to Paris and Barcelona, celebrating Valentines Day with my flatmates, visiting The National Gallery of Scotland and attending a “flat party” where all of the student accomodations were invited to a club. Oh and maybe I’ll fit some work in there ;)