Being in the city of Rome is a fantastic experience. It's a bustling city with so many things to offer students. However, sometimes you just need a break from city life and what better way to take that break then by going on a day trip?! My friends and I decided to do just that thing. We had heard about a town not too far outside Rome called Morino. Morino is known for their pulled-pork sandwiches and local wine. Being known for pulled-pork sandwiches is a little strange but they turned out to be delicious. Once we got off the train we had to climb a set of stairs carved into the side of the mountain the town was on to actually get to the inhabited area. Needless to say we got our cardio in for the week. The town itself was adorable with it's winding mountain streets, scenic overlooks, and surrounding mountains. We mainly just wandered around the town and tried to find interesting things. In the process we discovered a few good overlooks of the surrounding mountainside and distant towns as well as a random medieval tower at the main intersection. It was a really fun and lazy day of wandering around with friends. We even brought back some wine for that weekend (it was fabulous, I'd totally recommend it). It's nice to be able to get out of the city every once and a while and experience the "real" Italy. Seeing how Italians live outside the semi-globalized Rome is like getting a glimpse back in time to a more authentic time period.